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Poker Chips
Our poker chips are available in a wide variety of designs and weights. Both ABS composite and clay poker chips are available in single color, two color, and tri-color designs. For the best in durability choose from a variety of composite poker chips. ABS composite poker chips are the most scratch resistant and have the best looking molds. For a more authentic casino poker chip, choose our real clay poker chips. Clay poker chips have the authentic feel and sound of real casino poker chips and stack better than composite poker chips. For the ultimate in casino style poker chips check out our 11.5 gram no-metal-insert clay poker chips. They are the most authentic casino style poker chip and offer the perfect feel and sound of real casino poker chips.

Personalized Poker Chips
At SwapUSA we specialize in creating custom hot stamped poker chips. We make the process easy and affordable, and the turnaround time for quality custom poker chips is faster than you might think. First, choose a poker chip design below. Note: Only designs with the "hot stampable" designation can be hot stamped. Second, choose your customization. We are able to print up to three initials or the chip denominations in house, or custom logos and designs for a small one-time setup fee. That's it! We'll take care of the rest. For more information, please visit our personalized poker chips page.
Dice poker Chips
Composite Dice poker chips, 11.5 gram each in a variety of colors
Ace King Poker Chips
11.5 gram Ace King composite poker chips
Card Suited Poker Chips
Card suited poker chips in the 2-tone 11.5 gram variety and 7 colors to choose from.
Diamond Suited Poker Chips
Diamond suited poker chips weigh 11.5 gram and are available in a variety of colors.
Triple Crown Poker Chips
Triple crown poker chips, also known as double dice crown or dice crown chips, 11.5 gram each in a variety of colors.
No Metal Insert Crown Wheatear Clay 11.5 Gram Poker Chips
Crown Wheatear Clay poker chips - Clay 11.5 gram no metal insert poker chips
No Metal Insert Texas Holdem Clay 11.5 Gram Poker Chips
Texas Holdem design poker chips - Clay 11.5 gram no metal insert poker chips
Ace King Tri Color Poker Chips
Tri Color Ace King poker chips in the 11.5 gram and a variety of colors. These chipos feel and sound like real casino chips.
Tri Color Poker Chips, Diamond Suited 11.5 Gram
Tri color poker chips in the 11.5 gram diamond suited style, available in a variety of colors
Casino Da Vinci Master Works Full Color Poker Chips
Full color 11.5 gram poker chips with denominations and classic art design
Real Clay Poker Chips, 12 Stripe Tri Color Chips
Real clay poker chips in the tri color 12 stripe design, 14 gram each and 8 color variety.
Casino Da Vinci Authentic Casino Poker Chips
Authentic Casino Da Vinci tri-color 10gr poker chips with no metal insert
Clay tri color no metal insert poker chips for custom inserts
Clay poker chips designed for full color custom inserts
Pyramids Casino Authentic Casino Clay Poker Chips
Authentic Casino style clay poker chips - 10 gram chips without a metal insert
Cheap poker chips
Cheap poker chips - Clearance and discountinued poker chips at reduced wholesale prices
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